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(Partial listing)

Baron Communications, La Jolla, CA Music-on-hold telephone advertisement device. Microcontroller product remotely downloads speech via telephone modem.

B & B Systems, Ojai, CA Parental control lockout device for television using infrared control.

Connecticut Micrographics Inc., Norwalk Ct A family of products using multiple microcontrollers and optical interfaces for sensing blipped and oracle format microfilm and controlling the motors on readers to achieve microfilm retrieval.

Elicon Corp., Brea CA Digitally controlled, programmable, 16 mm optical printer.

Electronic Counter Corp., San Diego, CA System for recording analog control voltages and digital signals on instrumentation cassette recorder.

Electronic Microfilm Specialties, Alta Loma, CA Replacement controller board for microfilm camera.

Guitron Inc., Quebec, Canada Design for multi-controller musical instrument.

IMIX Corp., Seattle WA 64 channel A/D data logger controlled by Z-80 micro.

IXYS Inc. San Jose, CA Physical prototype of power factor controller circuit targeted for ASIC.

Interact Corporation, Oakland, CA Microcontroller audio devices, screen sensing, project management assignments.

Intersea Research Corp. San Diego, CA Battery powered oceanographic data logger.

Inovonics inc. Felton, CA Audio delay module.

La Jolla Technology, La Jolla, CA Battery powered bio-medical transient isolator for post-op ECG filters.

Logitech Inc., Fremont, CA Analog front end for color scanner, USB interface for scanner.

Olden Enterprises, Coeur d’Alene, ID Micro controlled batch counter/sensor, battery operated, for operating
printing press equipment.

Omnichrome Inc., Chino, CA Microcontroller based power supply for HeCd industrial laser.

One Stop Engineering, Hayward, CA, Microcontroller based Telephony product, system design.

PFA Inc. Burbank, CA Bar code scanner.

Reed Kotler Music, Sunnyvale CA Device for recording and slowing sound without changing pitch; hardware and firmware. Effects processors, music synthesizer products, ‘Robot Band’ auto-accompaniment device. FPGA based audio processing device.

Tilia Corp., San Francisco CA Switching power supply, microcontroller consumer products.

Trimble Navigation Limitd, Sunnyvale, CA Manufacturing test fixture based on embedded PC.

University of California San Diego Analog music synthesizer, voltage controlled light dimmer, bio-potential preamplifier and interface.

Walt Disney Imagineering Battery operated special effects display boxes using a microcontroller.

XSCRIBE Inc. La Jolla CA Microcontroller based stenographic recorder/player.