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1963 - 66 Electrical Engineering, Oregon State University
  Third in Class
Member Eta Kappa Nu, EE Honorary
1967 Bachelor of Science, Portland Sate University
1975 Master of Arts, University of California San Diego
1985 Digital Signal Processing, MIT Extension
2000-2002 FPGA design and advanced design, Zilinx Inc, San Jose CA


1964 – 67 Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, Oregon
Electrical Engineering Trainee

1967 – 69 Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, Oregon
Electrical Engineer, Power Systems Engineering
Designed electronic equipment for power system tests.

1974 – 75 Music Department, University of California San Diego
Lecturer, technology and basic musicianship courses.

1974 – 79 Center for Music Experiment, University of California San Diego
Research Fellow
Electronic design of analog modules, computer interfaces, lighting control systems . Research in sound synthesis and acoustics.

1974 – 77 Straita Head Sound Corporation, El Cajon, California
Chief Design Engineer
Design of studio mixers, PA systems, and sound processing equipment.

1979 – 80 InterOcean Systems, San Diego, California
Development Engineer
Projects: Loran C receiver, microprocessor controlled, battery powered, and oceanographic data logger. HW and firmware.

1981 – 85 MA/COM Linkabit Inc., San Diego, California
Senior Engineer, satellite Communications
Hardware design on ground station for Satellite Business Systems Inc., HW design on ground station for Air Force MILSTAR program. HW and firmware for modem control board for commercial pay-per-view application.

1985 - Present : Consultant


1986 – 88 Sonic Research Associates, San Diego, California
General Partner
Design and manufacture of communications protocol converters for the newspaper industry.

1986 – 89 Doctor Design, Inc. San Diego, California
Contract Engineer
Microcontroller based products: surveillance equipment, consumer electronics equipment. HW and firmware.

1998 – 2002 Reed Kotler Music, Inc, Sunnyvale, California
Design and manufacture of electronic music learning tools and performance